In Iraq, the gravedigger carries out the ritual of washing corpses in the Islamic way and the tradition of the community before burying them, He washes the body with fresh water on a concrete high, read some Koranic verses or supplications, closes the dead’s holes with clean cotton and wraps the body with a white cloth before placing it in a wooden coffin and sending it for burial. This profession is often genetic, learned by children from parents. The gravedigger is a pariah, and some consider it bad omen. Some families may not marry their daughters to a person who performs this profession that is indispensable in every society. A gravedigger is one of the important witnesses to death and ways of crimes that occur in the country.



This performance is going to be his story.

The Burial of the Sardine

Francisco Goya


The name of the show: "The burial of the  Sardine". 
Concept: Yousif Abbas - Hussein Shabeeb - Duraid Abbas Ghaieb
Set and light: Hussein Shabeeb, TENAWA vzw
Coach: Duraid Abbas Ghaieb
Actors: Meryem Kilic and Yousif Abbas
Director : Yousif Abbas

Supported by KunstZ