Stief Knockaert


Dreams: a silent short about an attempt to get a better live, will he succeed?

Starring Alican Ünal (featured in the TV series ‘Amigos’)

Nominated at “Kortgeknipt” filmfestival


Marie Laveau & Baron Samedi:

An unusual music clip  (featuring Salwa, Belgium got talent semi-finalist)

Nominated at Imphal International Short Film Festival 


How to find a surrealistic pet:

Silent movie featuring the 4 fold members.


About Stief:

In filmschools in the Ardennes and Antwerp, Stief received the basics and secrets of film- and documentary.

Finetuning his knowledge by participating on numerous filmsets, big and small fuelled his passion for filmmaking.

Following lots of shorts and small documentaries sharpened his skills.

Most of the time as a one man crew out by circumstances.

Stief enjoys definitely more working with other people that share the same passion.