Soundboat is an installation which is made of various metal elements and singing bowls. The whole structure of this set-up was inspired by a number of experiments conducted during a residence in De Oude Beurs.


Soundboat is a vehicle which moves through the ocean of sound and light. It's a tool for space journeys which inspire the crew of the boat to create further and explore other possibilities of immersing in subtle frequencies of space.

Soundboat has come into existence thanks to a mutual inspiration in creative processes between Robert Soroko, Klara Dolhain and Sonic Photon. The artistic approach towards creation and an acoustic resonance of works of Robert Soroko was a main inspiration in building and tuning up the entire installation.

This mutual and collective exchange of energies and ideas was explored later on in a performance of Robert Soroko called 'Moving Lines'


Soundboat at Space Resonance
Full Set up (1).jpg