Rino Sokol


I consider art to be an exploration with great potential.
While the benefits of engaging in the process of creation are almost always for the artist, the methods which can be extracted from this process could serve more than one.

Gaining a greater insight into the curious inclinations of human systems and artistic processes, be it individual or collective, seems to be the thing which keeps calling out to me.

To walk, talk and dance while being connected to the internal, imaginary world (remaining aware that someone could be watching) is something which I am ever in awe


While studying drama at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, I am studying creation and constantly looking for methods which will generate a sense of flow within myself and within others.

It gives me great satisfaction to transpose information from one discipline/medium to another, I am trying to embrace this fleeting mind as conscious impulsivity.

The result of my study and research is theater, performance, photography, video, text.

It is in my interest to expose, create and dust of connections and habits -first and foremost within myself- through various creative methods and by pushing the acquired flow through ‘traditional’ decision-making, organisational filters.

I’m attracted to subjects/theme’s which deal with: crooked family affairs, trickery, manipulation, illusions, (dark) fantasy, fire, energy, ego-centrism, addiction, dreams, games, cartoons, internal voices, psychology.

Once these human phenomenons have been exposed they become rather sympathetic and humorous. I eagerly exploit them.