Renata Lamenza

During the 3rd weekend Renata Lamenza presents her installation which is a part fo her project 'Talk to me', conversation #6. For more info see below.

Moreover Renata designed and made costumes for 'Het Net' performance by 4fold.

Costume designer, performer and singer. Currently enrolled in the MA in visual arts- Theatre Costume at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, has a Bachelor in “Arts:  Costume Design and History” by Senai Cetiqt College (2009-2012), and a BA in Dance from the Faculty Angel Vianna (2003- 2006), both taken in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

After graduating in costume, kept her research on the creative process of Costume design, which she started at her final project, called: “The art of creating costumes: A look at the method of Ney Madeira”, a project of study and experimentation of the creative process.  In 2013 published together with Ney Madeira the article “Designing Theatre Costume between theory and practice” in the Redige Magazine. In her extensive training, took courses of “Costume design for theatre and screen” and “Experimental fashion drawing”, both at Central Saint Martins (London); Worked with costume designers such as Ney Madeira, Ellen Milet, Ana Avelar and Marie Salles. In the field of dance, has taken classes with Rami Levi, Meg Stuart, Marc Vanrunxt, Cristina Moura, Carles Sales, Ana Vitória,  among others. As a professional dancer has worked with Flavia Tápias, Alexandre bado, Marcio Cunha and Ana Andréa