A family. A weekend together. A man whose unconsciousness has broken the border between the real and unreal. It's the Anti-mind.


Actors: David Hayden, Jentl Van Gossem, Stefanie Boons, Jim de Vil,

White Figures: Atilla Filiz & Robert Soroko

Composers: Adam Clarke, Marta Cascales Alimbau, Sheila Sanfeliz, Femke Sonnen.

Musicians: Lola Salas de Rueda, Catho Veltjen, Justina Laptevaite, Mathijs Ignoul.

Singers/Dancers: Anouk Antonissen, Jasmien Gys, Jenny Selander.

Production team: Umut Eldem, Daniel Sossi, Liesbeth Knaeps, Atilla Filiz.

'Mixed & United' began as a drama group in July 2011, meeting for weekly drama workshops, with the focus on devised theatre. In 2014, they moved into improvisation, and have performed impro shows on a regular basis since then. In 2016 they embarked on their first scripted play, “Almost, Maine”, and this production, "Anti-mind" is their second. The group has always enjoyed using original and live music to accompany their work, so this first collaboration with the Royal Antwerp Conservatoire students has provided a perfect match up.

The group has an open door policy and has always welcomed newcomers – experenced or beginners - to their weekly Thursday workshop. Interested parties can make contact through:

Facebook – Mixed and United – or by mail -