Mery Coopman & Adam Vincent Clarke


FISHERMAN'S ROCK - version 2.3

Fishing Food-- Fishing water-- Fishing stone-- Fishing stomach-- Fishing Feel-- Fishing Flow-- Fishing Family-- Fishing house-- Fishing home-- Fishing Friend-- Fishing trip-- Fishing Fit-- Fishing hit-- Fishing me-- Fishing club--  Fishing touch-- Fishing lover-- Fishing rough-- Fishing rod-- Fishing thick-- Fishing tough-- Fishing selF-- Fishing taught-- Fishing think-- Fishing tank-- Fishing Filter-- Fishing hit-- Fishing you-- Fishing again-- F***ing up-- F***ing Fishing-- F***ing body-- F***ing give-- F***ing head-- F***ing Fill-- F***ing out-- F***ing screen-- F***ing Does-- F***ing not-- F***ing work-- F***ing scream-- F***ing stop-- F***ing slip-- F***ing knot-- F***ing please-- F***ing sexy-- F***ing Fish-- F***ing just-- F***ing move-- F***ing do-- F***ing Forget-- F***ing ever-- F***ing aFter-- F***ing happy-- F***ing over-- F***ing always-- F***ing for-- F***ing survival-- F***ing it-- now--over-- Fishing-- F***ing hooked.


Performance and concept: Mery Coopman

Musical accompaniment and composition: Adam Vincent Clarke

Text by Maarten Van den Bussche


FISHERMAN STONE was the first title of the creation born out of the collaboration between Adam V. Clarke and Mery Coopman. It was presented in May ‘17 as her final presentation of the Bachelor program at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp.


In November that same year, they performed FISHERMAN’S ROCK on To Be Festival  in Art & Wine Gallery and KAVKA.


Now , FISHERMAN'S ROCK - version 2.3 will get a chance to be seen at In Beeld Festival, curated and organised by 4Fold collective.




Adam Vincent Clarke (b.1992) is a Belgium based composer, from Canada to Germany to Belgium, he is a vagabond of Canada’s East Coast.


Adam composes for ensembles, soloists, for ballet & contemporary dancers alike from around North America to Europe and beyond, with performances in Canada, USA, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, China, Ukraine, Croatia, & Bosnia, has worked alongside the Four Aces Guitar Quartet who released ‘Three Memories’ in 2016, Ensemble Silakbo who premiered ‘Still Life: Quartet’ (2018), in the ppIANISSIMO Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria) – with whom he is composer-in-residence, dancers Daniel Domenech (Ballet Vlaanderen/San Francisco Ballet), & cellist Mikko Pablo (Phi/USA).


“…rich in sound, always surprising with new harmonies. It never becomes descriptive in an easy way but opens the imagination of the listener, only suggesting him the outline of an image, even some details that you had in mind while composing. I think that’s characteristic for real composers: they can freeze a poetic image in sound. They do more than just writing a nice tune: they paint”  

- Marc van Rompaey, Radio Klara Belgium (2017)


Modal and neo-classical in nature. Familiar melodies blanketed in additive rhythms, distant Celtic under-tones, and an aggressive beauty.




Mery Coopman was born In Vietnam, grew up in Belgium and has been educated in the Royal Ballet school of Antwerp, de Kunsthumaniora Contemporary dance and the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp.


During these nine years of studying she has been working with various artists (and their repertoire) and teachers in the dance field such as Renan Martins De Oliveira, Marta Coronado, Anton Lachky, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Damien Fournier, Iñaki Azpillaga, Milan Herich, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Tuur Marinus, Helder Seabra and many more.


Currently she is an Antwerp-based mover, dancer, performer and is collaborating with Renata Lamenza in the research project Talk to me.


Furthermore she is working as a teacher in movement & dance for children and as a massage therapist.