LINDE is a new band project from Amsterdam-based flutist/singer/composer Maaike van der Linde. 


Members of the band are Kate Stables (This is the Kit), Conor O' Brien (Villagers), Emma Broughton (O), and Romain Bly (Stargaze Ensemble) and accordeonist Simone Bottasso. 


As a result of being a contemporary musician and ensemble member for Stargaze, Maaike has gotten to collaborate with many different musicians over the years. Many of which have inspired her to compose and write her own music. Over the past year Maaike has spent much of her time in Dublin, where she recorded her debut album 'Circadian'  with Conor O'Brien, who produced it. The album will be released in 2019.


Inspiration for the album comes from a variety of sources. Along with (bass)flutes, church organs and female choirs, Maaike has a real love for the sounds of nature, such as the song of a fruit fly. She conducted a yearlong research in a lab on those songs, and uses the recordings in her music. This results in dreamy, tribal, experimental sounds and songs with space for improvisation.  Half of the band plays the flute and the other half plays a brass instrument which gives the music an orchestral touch.

The concert takes place at Mechelsesteenweg 28 and starts at 20:38 on the 7th of February.